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Industrial, infrastructure, commercial, logistics – our four areas of expertise have a common ground: gaining customers’ satisfaction.

Enjoying business guarantees excellent work – and we enjoy it when we create, innovate and build long lasting human relationships.

Efficiency and reliability are our goals. We build for people and we deliver outstanding quality, because we always strive to understand and improve. We emphasize communication as a golden rule.
We hate complicated discussions and long boring meetings. We love creative talks and open minded people. Our approach is not that of a company, but of a knowledge and experience sharing hub.
We try to bring clarity into an over-complicated world. Clarity brings perspective, perspective brings innovation. We value discipline without being rigid.


Founded in the year 2007, TKM Teknollogik Management is a longstanding player in the engineering and construction industry, with projects ranging from roadways to shipyard facilities and utility infrastructure. With more than 50 professionals from diverse and highly skilled backgrounds, TKM is committed to dynamic design, innovative technology, and superior service.

TKM employs experts in a variety of disciplines, including, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, civil, telecommunications and power engineering, as well as protection & controls, commissioning, energy services, architecture, sustainability, life safety, lighting, transportation, power delivery, and project and construction management. Our solution-focused team is comprised of dedicated professionals with extensive industry credentials.

Quality service is our pride, and quality comes from one place: our employees. We are well aware that if we are going to maintain the quality of service, we need to attract, retain and engage the best talents in the industry. Our commitment to our employees is driven by our core values of quality, teamwork, integrity and balance. Quality in the value of our designs and service. Teamwork built on respect for all. Integrity in all our personal and professional collaborations.

TKM is also committed to providing the programs, resources, and training necessary to send our employees home safely each day. Safety is more than just a fundamental concern for us: it is a comprehensive way of doing business.

You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.