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TKM – ABS Group Teaming Agreement

It is our greatest pleasure to announce the teaming agreement conclusion between our company, Teknollogik Management and the global company ABS Group.


ABS Group possesses outstanding expertise in various fields, from engineering based risk management, process safety, maintenance and asset management, to integrated risk management solutions, plus specialized software providers.


Our Teamworking agreement has been concluded as recognition of mutual values such as integrity, innovation, trust and professionalism, with the group’s engineering arm, the UK based operations, ABS Consulting – leading independent global provider of Risk Management Services that combines industry expertise, risk modeling, practical engineering, and technology-based solutions.


Our purpose is to employ our resources locally with ABS Groups global resources to provide improved high level services to an extended list of clients, to their communities benefit.


Complete group /companies and services available presentations accompany this announcement/ letter. Yet, as a quick go through, we would like to mention here the area of services that, by the completion of our agreement, now becomes available for Romania:

Full Natural Catastrophe risk assessment (Earthquake, Flood, Windstorm etc.)

Property Damage Assessment (Buildings and Equipment)

Equipment Inspection and Certification

Risk Management Services

Business Continuity Management Services (Business Continuity Plan – Disaster Recovery Strategies)

ABS Group (involvement / certification) enables companies to operate in a more resilient and safer environment: mitigating risk and preparing reaction in case of calamities, with direct impact in budget (better insurance terms, reduced operation down-times, etc.) and business successfulness.

If you consider these services will help your future business, we would be more than glad to present to you in detail our proposition.