187 Viitorului st., S2
20618 /Bucharest, RO
(+40) 374-655-398

Novomatic Otopeni front entrance facelift.

What can happen when a client asks you to combine the need for space with the principles of marketing, in a mix of classical architecture mixed with elements of modern technology ? 

The answer is simple, innovation. The main entrance of the Novomatic logistics center in Otopeni testifies to the statement that many wonderful things can arise from teamwork and imagination. 

Take some marble, mix it with cubic stone, add a little corian in a promotional note, sprinkle a pinch of LED technology and the result will be invariably extraordinary.

A warm, welcoming reception, properly signaled, which will always make you come back provided by TKM. 

#TKM #GreatTeam #GreatResult.