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TKM – ABS Group Teaming Agreement

Our Teamworking agreement has been concluded as recognition of mutual values such as integrity, innovation, trust and professionalism, with the group’s engineering arm, the UK based operations, ABS Consulting – leading independent global provider of Risk Management Services that combines industry expertise, risk modeling, practical...

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Communication, the key to a successful project

In our consulting practice, we had the chance to see and analyze many failed projects. And when we say failed we mean months of delay and millions lost. We've always wanted to understand the mechanics of such a catastrophe and we've given a lot of...

TKM Teknollogik Management, New Website & Social Media Presence

TKM Teknollogik Management is now reaching prospective and current customers through their new website, as well as through social media sites Facebook, and LinkedIn, where they are offering regular updates with interesting and useful pieces of information to their followers, regarding engineering, consulting and construction....